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Founded in 1916 at Mino Pottery Land, Tajimi, Gifu, Japan.
Since 1916 we are manufacturing table-ware mainly based on customer's designed order.
We are manufacturing for customer's required cost and production way. And with those long time experience, we are now achieving our high quality, low cost and quickly delivery production.
Along with the change of life-style into westernized, the table-ware has been changing too. But things which people aims for the table-ware are still same as before and they are "ease of use", "cleaness" and "sense of safety"
he only one table-ware held by one person. We aim to produce the table-ware which we give you the excitement and happiness.
創業1916年 美濃焼の里 岐阜県多治見市


"shape, decoration, pattern, putting logo, engraving, handle, color" Available to meet your original various design request.
Available to manufacture from chopstick-rest to big vowel with your original design. Especially we have more than 300 kinds of cups/saucers and you can choose the shape on your aim and your cost request.
Available to use various way of decoration from rimming in gold and platinum to glass fiber spraying
With the way of under-glazing, water-shedding decorating, over-glazing with transferring, in-glazing and manual lining, we can put in the pattern and logo.If our existing products are to be used, you can have your own products with low-cost.
Engraving and relief is to be engraved the pattern on the shaping mold. We make concave-convex on the side surface and bottom making shape, those shapes are various from the natural motif one such as flower and plant to geometric pattern. And the next step, we put color and pattern with painting to accentuate the shape.
As for the handles, we have more than 1500 kinds of assortment, among them you can select your own-demand one. Of course we welcome your own designed handle.
Available to blend in your requested color such as pastel shades and matte color Color samples can be made so that could be as close as possible for customer's request and also available to paint different color of inside and outside of products and multi-colors are also available.one. Both reduction firing and oxidized firing are available to do.
12 hours at 1320 degrees Reduction Firing
These figures indicate best quality, durability and safety in ranking. By raising the firing degree up to 1320 degree and taking the time of firing tightly 12 hours、 available to reduce the impure substance of clay. In addition of these reduction of impurity substances, b firing with reduction firing Available to reduce oxygen in the kiln and improve the purity and density of clay. And we can have white porcelain products with real whiteness and translucency. Usually the pottery and porcelain wares have been firing at 1270 of setting temperature,, And even fired at 1300 degrees, there are the potters of firing hours are 4 hours long only Maruasa's case by investing a good deal of time and effort, we try to make high quality products and create the products with 100 years available porcelain ware to use.
● Our every products pass the standard of Food Sanitation Law by a large margin
● Available to provide material sheets and certificate of origin.
● Poisonous substance such as cadmium, lead is not used.
創業1916年 美濃焼の里 岐阜県多治見市
Mino-yaki have 1300 years history in the Japanese cultural pottery and porcelain ware.
The past 1300 years history of Takiro-district of Tajimi, Gifu Japan which have been place of manufacturing white porcelain-ware start from Yama-jawan of Muromachi period (1333-1573). In the 16th century, Tenmoku-bowl and tea bowl had been baked in big-kiln of Takiro-shade-kiln. And in Edo-period there is record that Takiro products were presented to Kyoto Emperor as a tribute In the Meiji period the direction of business has changed and started manufacturing Euopean table-ware and exporting coffee cup/saucer. This district started to use the Charcoal kiln from the Climbing kiln as the first district among Mino-yaki area.
Mr. Asaichi Matubara who had grown up in this Tajimi district started business in 1916 and manufacture the white porcelain ware with charcoal kiln with the company name of Maruya Porcelain Factory. The first coffee shop started business at Ueno, Tokyo, Japan in 1888 and in this early stage of days in Japan, Mr. Asaichi Matsubara have focused the production on the cup for coffee and tea and started production of cup/saucers. This it's the time when Maruasa Porcelain Factory Ltd history has started.
And in Jan. 4 of 1951, 2nd generation of Mr. Heitaro Matsubara registered Maruya Porcelain Factory as corporation. From this time, mai He introduced to full n production items has become porcelain ware and they started exporting to overseas countries.
fter 8 years of 1951 the location has moved into the present location of Hoshiga-dai from Takiro and kilns has changed to charcoal to tunnel kiln generated with fuel oil and Also production facility has been modernized and started mass-production. And production quantity of cup/saucer become about 20,000 sets per day which is difficult to believe nowadays. These productions were all on customers' design.
In 1991, Mr. Asao Matubara become president. He introduced new kiln of full automatic Shuttle type and the production style has been changed from mass-production to small quantity large variety.
Keishiro Matsubara (Maruasa Porcelain Factory Co., Ltd.)
創業1916年 美濃焼の里 岐阜県多治見市
Company Name
Head Office
3-8, Hoshigadai, Tajimi city, Gifu pref. Japan 507-0811
Tel. 0572-22-8282, Fax.0572-24-1447
JPY 10million
Major Business
Planning, development, manufacture and wholesale of original tableware products.
Asao Matsubara
Company History
Marua porcelain factory founded
Maruasa Porcelain Factory Co., Ltd founded and registered.
Location moved to 3-8 Hoshigadai (present place) and install continuous kiln.
Installed gas tunnel kiln
Installed 3 sets of full automatic molding machines
Installed full automatic fiber shuttle kiln
Increased 2 sets of full automatic fiber shuttle kilns.
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